And they laughed at me

  • 17 July 2019
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In college, one of my business classes had everyone list the most important things to them in a potential job. The professor wanted us to think about things like 401(k) matching, benefits, time off, salary and bonuses. Then he posted everyone’s answers…

…and my answer was ridiculed.

The most important thing for me at the time was my ability to bring my dog to work with you. Mind you, I didn’t own a dog at the time but knew I would as soon as possible.

My classmates thought that was a ridiculous idea.

Fast forward to today. I left corporate America, and slashed an entire decimal point off my income my first year in business, but I achieved one of my biggest goals in life… work with my pup at my feet. And nothing makes me happier. He comes to the office with me, and is by my side when I work at home.

We all have different goals, and I encourage you to consider your own goals in life when considering your business goals. Happiness is so much more than the number on your tax return. It is about building a life that makes you happy. That life may look nothing like that of the person next to you, and you may have vastly different goals.

This is not to say to say that it will be without it’s own problems, obstacles, challenges and disappointments, but I encourage you to own it.