Home Office Success Starts With Safety

  • 26 September 2021
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Although the COVID-19 pandemic appears to be dying down throughout much of the world according to the BBC, chances are good that this disease will never fully go away. Most people will likely learn to live with it, much as we do the common cold. However, it’s up to you as a new business owner to look for ways to actively keep your clients safe. Doing so will help you establish greater relationships while building trust.

Today’s blog post presented by MB Marketing touches on a few ways to set your home office up for long-term safety and success.

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Ideally, you can set aside a single room or section of your home to use as an office. For the safety of your family as well as your customers, this should have a separate entrance and windows you can open when the weather cooperates. Opening the windows largely eliminates viruses from the air, so this is one simple strategy that puts everyone’s health first.

Something else to consider here is that a well-placed home office might even make your home more valuable. If you eventually plan to sell, keep track of upgrades by taking before and after photos to show your real estate agent at listing time.

UV lighting

UV lighting has gotten a lot of attention since the beginning of the pandemic. Back in 2020, scientists were already predicting that UV products would be valuable in keeping everyone safe. According to Regency Lighting, however, not all UV lights are the same. Do your research and decide on a few non-intrusive products that you can use before and after customer visits.

Virtual visits notes that the availability and popularity of telemedicine and virtual healthcare have exploded since the start of the pandemic. There are many reasons for this, including safety and convenience. While you might not be a physician, you can reach more clients by offering virtual services. To do so, you’ll need the right equipment. This starts with a computer and graphics card that can handle streaming and broadcasting high-definition live video. You also want to make sure that you have a headset that eliminates background noise, such as barking dogs and playing children. Use an online calendar program to allow your customers to schedule their visits.

Contact minimization

One of the most crucial aspects of having a safe interaction with your clients is minimizing contact. And, one of the best ways to do this is to eliminate paperwork moving between you. In this vein of thought, now’s a great time to research invoicing software. Couple it with an online payment platform, and you can receive payments without ever having to touch cash or checks. You can also utilize online word processing and collaboration programs, which let you, your customers, and staff work together regardless of physical location.

Pest control

Another critical health consideration is addressing any potential pest problems, such as insects or rodents. Instead of addressing the issue yourself, search online for nearby mice exterminators. You should quickly find a list of several local companies along with reviews of their services. You’ll be able to find a service provider to handle your pest problem with ease.

Other Home Office Ideas

  • Have adequate lighting for virtual meetings. If you’ve already chosen a location with a window, face your desk toward it so that you can take advantage of natural light.
  • Add a ceiling fan to circulate air and keep the room cool and save on the AC bill. Ceiling fans can also add a touch of style and decoration. When considering the time or cost of installing a ceiling fan, know that basic installation will typically take between one and two hours, and you can expect to pay between $144 and $352. Expect to pay more if you need wiring installed.
  • When you have visitors on-site, keep masks and hand sanitizer available for them to use if they so wish.
  • Invest in a second monitor so that you can screen share instead of having to share space in front of a single screen.
  • Keep clutter to a minimum by eliminating unnecessary paperwork. For example, use an available invoice template to switch from paper invoices to digital.

Running your own business from home is a great way to boost your family’s income without investing in a brick-and-mortar office space. However, in the post-COVID era, we must all be conscientious of best health practices to ensure that all of our clients feel safe.

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