How to Convert Leads on Your Website

  • 11 February 2022
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What Is Converting Leads?

If you own a business or manage a website that sells products, then marketing online is something you likely already know about. The internet provides numerous opportunities to reach people and advertise your product. Advertising online isn’t just cheaper than advertising on television, radio, or magazines–it’s often more effective as well. One popular and successful way to market your products is through leads.

Leads are people who visit your website with the intention of buying something, but they don’t necessarily buy right away. Some leads might be interested in making a purchase within minutes or hours; others might require days or even months to make up their minds (and some never will). Once you’ve attracted a lead, it’s time to convert that lead into a paying customer.

Converting leads (a term typically applied to the process of turning visitors who haven’t bought anything yet into buyers) can be accomplished through several different methods. One way is by using an effective sales pitch on your website, another is by offering free content or other incentives in exchange for email addresses, and a third is by utilizing lead distribution platforms.

Now, your website is built and looks great but you’re still not attracting the right kind of crowd. Don’t worry; we’ve all been there at some point in time or another. There are a lot of factors that go into making your website convert leads, so let’s break it down for you in this article.

Converting Leads on Your Website

These are some of the things you can try to help convert your website visitors into leads.

1.  Add a contact form at the top or bottom of the page. This makes it very easy for visitors to convert into leads without being forced to go through a lot of hoops in order to get in touch with you.

2. Keep your website simple and clutter-free with tons of white space, so that the visitor is able to focus on one thing at a time rather than be distracted by different links and other things. You should consider breaking up your content so it is easier for people to digest and you should definitely use images to break it up as well. We all love to look at the pretty picture instead of reading blocks of text to convert leads.

3. Place your phone number at the top of the page, along with a form and perhaps a map as well (for locations). Make the information accessible and easy to find so that people can convert leads without much effort.

4. Ask for an email address in return for something, like some sort of discount or freebie. This makes it very enticing for people to convert leads.

5. Integrate your website with social media where possible; this not only helps you convert leads but also spread awareness about your brand.

6. Send out email newsletters to your subscribers for even better results.

7. Have a clear CTA (call to action) on every page of the site, along with a copy that explains what your visitors stand to gain from converting leads into sales.

These are some small yet very effective ways you can convert leads to your website. For even better results, try SEO or PPC campaigns; this is a great way to convert leads into sales and helps your website rank higher as well. If you are still a beginner and not familiar yet with SEO, you can take a look at this SEO Starter Guide. Also, if you want to learn more about high converting websites, check this featured article.