How to Find and Hire Top Marketing and Sales Professionals

  • 07 December 2021
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Skilled marketing and sales professionals can increase both the volume and quality of the deals your business is closing, contributing to greater profitability and growth. With relentless technological changes driving fast shifts across both business functions, the value of skilled professionals is only continuing to rise sharply.

If you’re looking to recruit marketers and sales reps for your organization, this article explains in further detail how they can improve your company. Also, learn where to start your search, and discover some crucial considerations worth keeping in mind.

What Can Marketing and Sales Professionals Add to Your Company? 

Sales professionals with high-level experience can help identify new and potentially fruitful strategies and sources of leads. Not only can that improve the odds of success for future sales attempts, but it can reignite deals in motion that may be going off-track.

Likewise, talented marketers are the right people for increasing your sales-marketing alignment. In short, this helps deals pass seamlessly from one to the other for higher chances of making a successful sale. That can be particularly helpful if you’re in an industry where cold outreach doesn’t perform as well as initiating the sale after a little brand exposure.

Traits to Look for as You Evaluate Candidates for Either Role 

Your sales reps need a mix of positive professional and interpersonal traits. Ideally, they also have experience with the specific customer journey you’ve crafted.

Meanwhile, your marketers must have a combination of creative and analytical skills. That mixture counts for far more if you’re yet to implement a data-driven approach in your marketing operations. The same applies if you’re still roadmapping an omnichannel approach for capturing and converting leads.

Where to Find Marketing and Sales Professionals

One of the easiest ways to find candidates for these roles is through professional communities, the most prominent of which is LinkedIn. An advantage of seeking them this way is that you get a quick overview of their past experience and qualifications.

You can also post an ad on job boards, such as Indeed and Glassdoor, if you’re limiting your search to a specific locale, such as Fort Worth. Before taking that step, however, ensure you’ve written a clear and compelling job description.

Yet another approach is going through temp staffing agencies, but the candidates may not be as fit for long-term integration into your company. Still, it’s an effective approach if you’re looking to fill the role fast and if you have a remote-friendly culture.

But hiring remotely can create a series of complications. One of them is issues with transmitting information effectively, especially large PDFs that require all fonts and images to remain intact. To avoid this pitfall, use a lossless, easy PDF compressor tool that reduces the document’s size for transmission over email and other services without compromising the quality.

Effective Marketing and Sales are Essential Performance Drivers for Your Business

With skilled marketers and sales reps on your team, your business can experience greater market penetration and ultimately increased revenue. Despite knowing this, the hassle of finding a full-time employee and associated payroll experiences may be making you hesitant. In that case, MB Marketing can bring top-level expertise to your organization while helping you overcome those obstacles.