How you have unified client communication across all channels in GoHighLevel

  • 15 February 2022
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I and my team realized how valuable it is to avoid having clients download multiple apps. Mainly because of the many notifications they would receive. And GoHighlevel has let me share with you how we’ve integrated client communication across all channels, particularly Facebook messenger. As a marketer, we want to utilize our potential for communicating with clients to accomplish our marketing goals. And GoHighlevel allows us to manage it all from one single interface.

It’s clear that human beings are constantly moving from one platform to another, especially when it comes to communication. GoHighlevel has been working on unifying the platform for all of its users. They simplify marketing for business owners by allowing them to conduct all of their marketing activities from a single location. Users can manage and track messages from all of their channels, including email, SMS, and especially Facebook messenger.

Facebook Messenger as a Platform for Communication

Facebook has been rolling out new ways to increase awareness and connect with your target consumers using Facebook Messenger as a platform for communication. It is potentially an untapped lead gen opportunity that you may not be taking advantage of yet. Facebook is used by 1.2 billion people every month and Facebook Messenger has about 800 million monthly active users. It is used for more than just chatting- it is becoming more of a necessity in today’s business world. Brands are using it to communicate with their followers, offer customer service, give sales support, and even sell products.

Facebook Messenger is becoming more and more popular. GoHighlevel has developed unique tools to connect and makes full use of the Facebook Messenger platform to provide customers with a far superior communication experience. Goes without saying that if your customer service is already active on Facebook, Gohighlevel will make your work easier since you can automate your customer service on Facebook messenger, records conversations, and manage all aspects of customer relations in one place.

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Bring your personal Facebook messenger conversations inside HL by integrating your Facebook business page with Highlevel and setup two-way facebook messenger communication.

It provides a streamlined and efficient means for customers to connect with you, which leads to better customer satisfaction! It brings all your conversations together, allowing you to organize your communications with contacts faster, track results in real-time, and eventually get better conversions. This gives you the opportunity to improve your customer services strategies such as responsiveness, and creativity.

GoHighlevel aims not only at unifying different channels but also unifying data to improve your productivity and make your job easier by providing technology that could handle all of these for you! This means that GoHighlevel has access to more information about the prospects messaging preferences so you can serve them better!

With GHL, you can communicate with your customers directly through social media platforms while generating leads in real-time, ensuring that your leads get to where they need to go. You define the activities, GHL does all of the hard work!

Get rid of all the hassles! Send your Facebook messenger leads to GoHighlevel to boost your lead and sales numbers!

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