Is click funnels worth it?

  • 25 January 2022
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What is Clickfunnels?

Clickfunnels is a Business Management Software that helps online businesses in building an effective sales funnel for their product or service. It enables marketers and entrepreneurs to easily build a sales funnel.

The main feature of Clickfunnels is its drag and drop interface which allows us to connect all the major email marketing service providers, payment processors, hosting services, etc. It has different types of templates that make it easy to start your business online.

Clickfunnels does not provide any reports or analytics features. All the reports are shown in its Pro version. Another major drawback of Clickfunnels is that it does not have any email creator, which means we need to create one on our own.

Clickfunnels is very expensive for small businesses since there are other sales funnel software available online which offers better features at a lower price. Clickfunnels is only useful if our product sells well and if we are already an established business.

An alternative to Clickfunnels

Gladly, there was a cheaper alternative to ClickFunnels that allowed us to run a sales funnel with standard features. With Go High Level, we can get all of the same benefits but at one-tenth of the cost. If you want to know more about this, check out our featured article here.

Go High Level is the most powerful sales funnel builder on the market today. It has all of the features that we would expect from ClickFunnels but at a fraction of the cost. With this software, we can build our landing pages, run split tests, manage orders and even create membership sites all in one place! Best of all, we’ll be able to do it all with a drag and drop interface that’s simple enough for anyone.

Through this software, we’ll be able to send email marketing campaigns with just a click! Just set up an autoresponder sequence for your leads so that they will be automatically added to your mailing list. You’ll even be able to send them text message marketing campaigns with instant delivery!

Another one of its great features is the ability to integrate with Google Analytics. Now, this may not seem like much but it will actually show you how many leads are coming to your site by analyzing data for you! You’ll be able to see exactly which sales funnel is getting the most attention so that you can continue doing what works. The platform offers incredible value because it helps small businesses become better at using technology to grow their business.

If you want to save money but still have access to a great sales funnel builder, then you need to try out Go High-Level today. All of the features that we love about ClickFunnels are on our platform at half the price. If you are looking to increase sales or leads, Go High Level is a great investment for your business. Go High Level offers many features that click funnels do not have. Why don’t give it a shot? You can access it here