Overcoming Objections

  • 03 September 2021
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How to overcome objections

  1. Address the objection before it comes up

If you’re selling to your current customers, ask them what concerns they have about their continued relationship with you. Address the concern before it comes up, and you’ll increase the odds that your existing customers will continue buying from you.

If you are selling to new prospects, address your most common concerns and objections before they have a chance to raise them. Bringing up objections ahead of time helps to build trust, as you recognize what their pain points might be, and gives them time to think about them.

  1. Have evidence presented before you talk

You should always have evidence to back you up. The more evidence you have, the less likely your prospect is to come up with an objection on the fly. Try sending over reviews and testimonials before you talk with the prospect.

  1. Dig deeper into their objections

If they bring up a concern, ask several questions about it to dig deeper into what is causing them to have that concern. By asking several probing questions, you’ll probably find out that what they raised as a concern, for example, price, is really a surface-level concern. Their real concern might be that they won’t recoup their investment. Once you’ve addressed the concern, ask your prospect what specifically is causing them to resist buying now. The deeper they go into their objections, the better you’ll understand them and be able to address them.

If they throw out an objection that you don’t immediately have a good answer for, also ask more questions to see if there is another side to that objection that you do have an answer for.

4. No is okay

If your prospect is not ready to buy, be okay with hearing no. Salespeople will often get nervous when they hear the prospect say no because they think that it decreases their chance of eventually closing the sale. If you’ve done everything right in how you’re speaking with them and following up, then there’s still a good chance that would be willing to give you a referral when you ask for it after they’ve turned you down.

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