Practical Advice for Growing Your Social Media Engagement

  • 27 June 2018
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With all the talk about Facebook reach lately, I thought you’d appreciate a refresher on how to boost Facebook engagement.

So often I hear people say, they’re the best in the biz at what they do, faithfully posting about what they sell and how many ways they sell it…. yet all they hear are the social media crickets.

We can help with that. Here are some tips and tricks we think are a real game changer for business owners.

Think of it like this. No one turns on the TV to watch only commercials, nor do people open social media platforms to only see business posts. That’s why you have to look at social media as the online group party that it really is. The more relatable your content, the more conversations you’ll start and the more engagement you’ll receive.

It can help with more engagement and followers… who often turn into paying customers.
Collaborating with other companies makes for awesome engaging content – especially when you post giveaways!

Talk to your audience. The more you chat, the better you get to know one another! What does your audience care about that aligns with your business interests?

Whether it’s through questions or sharing things about yourself that build common ground, you want to invite your audience to engage in the conversation.

You want to offer your clients and followers more value than a sales pitch, and build trust.
Engaging with them, sending a DM (or direct message) can lead to an incredible metamorphosis for some- from passive Instagram follower, to ardent supporter, to customer.

And that’s​ precisely what you want.
Leveraging social media to create conversations with customers is the key
to growing your engagement rate!