The Secrets to Finding New High Volume Sign Clients

  • 29 October 2021
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If you’re a sign business owner, then you know that finding new high-volume clients can be time-consuming and difficult. Fortunately, there are some secrets to doing just that! In this blog post, we’ll discuss how to find new prospects for your business so that you don’t have to rely on consistently finding new clients.

Get the word out: One of the first things you should do is let people know that your business exists and what services you offer. Whether it’s talking to everyone in your network or sharing posts on social media, getting the word out about who you are and what you do will help increase brand awareness. Look for associations or industry groups that you want to work with, and join them. Your local chamber of commerce is a great place to start. Also look for chambers outside of city chambers, like a local Hispanic chamber.

Get involved in the community: Getting involved with your local community is another way of letting people know that you’re there and what you do. Find out about organizations or groups that would be interested in having their members work with them, whether they are schools, churches, sports teams, etc., and let them know you’re here. Schools and churches are usually high volume clients that prefer to work with local businesses.

Identify top prospects and target them: Look for companies that do a lot of signage. If you print a lot of high-quality large format, think about doing after funeral home directors. If you prefer outdoor signage, look for developers or multifamily investors. A lot of these groups can be found through advertising or on LinkedIn. After you identify your potential clients, do a lot of research on them. Find out their main competitors and what they are doing to stay ahead. You might be able to offer a unique service or product that will help them stand apart from the competition.

Offer an incentive: Sometimes, you need to offer a potential client something in order for them to see your value. For example, if they are new and trying to build their business or brand presence, give them a free consultation so that you can talk about all of the ways you could help achieve this goal and let them know what services you offer. If you know the client will be a high volume client, it can be worth it to pay more to acquire them in the beginning because the lifetime value of that customer is so high.

Follow up: Once you find prospects, follow up with them and remind them who you are. You never know where they might have heard about your business before! Use the time to talk about what services or products you offer that would benefit their company. Reach out to them at least once a week.

Ask for referrals: Reach out to your existing customer and ask them if they know anyone in the specific niche you are trying to target. Having that introduction means that you are significantly more likely to close the deal.

The more high volume clients you bring in, the less time and money it takes to find new ones. It’s important that your business is out there generating leads for potential customers. Make sure you are attending networking events or charity functions where your target client might be found. Offer an incentive such as free consultation with one of our experts for those prospects who sign up.

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