Using Google for Lead Generation

  • 18 February 2022
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Lead generation is a huge challenge for any company in the 21st century. Online advertising has become increasingly popular. Businesses look for new and creative ways to get potential customers to notice their business. Google, the largest search engine in the world, has become a powerful tool for businesses to find new leads. It provides a place where people can easily search for information. Google has an extensive amount of data that includes demographics and locations for just about anyone in the United States (and many other countries).

Let’s look at how Google can be used as a lead generation tool when it comes to B2B and B2C.

Google for Lead Generation

Google’s largest revenue source is from Google Ads, which is Google’s way of connecting its customers with targeted leads. Google Ads is one of the most effective and affordable online advertising options available today. This platform makes it easy to generate leads by acting as a middleman between your business and potential customers.

Google Ads provides the ability to find customers in a few different ways:

РLocation targeting:  Ads can be targeted geographically by country, region, and city (State).

– Behavioral targeting: Google Ads provides the option to target ads based on Google users’ previous Google searches or Google Maps.

– Keyword targeting: Google Ads can be targeted based on Google users’ search terms.

– Google Display Network: Google Ads can also appear on Google’s network of websites.

Google Ads offers Google customers a wide variety of features to help businesses find high-quality leads. It requires a simple bid per click. Google will set the ad price based on how high an ad will rank when prospective customers search for a related term.

When you set up your ad, Google will try to place it where your ad will be most relevant. It will try to show it to people who Google thinks will be interested in learning more about the services you offer.

For example, assume a mobile app development company is looking to find potential leads in Google for a new mobile app they have just launched. The company can bid on Google keywords such as “mobile apps,” “best mobile apps” and so forth. Google will place the ads against user search terms.

Once you get started with Google Ads, Google will start suggesting other services that may also benefit your business in the future. Products such as Google Search Console and Google My Business provide a wealth of opportunities to find prospective leads that Google has aggregated all in one place. You can also find new leads via email finder apps like ContactOut.

Now that you have learned about Google and how it can be used for lead generation, why not try creating your Google ads?

If you don’t already have Google Ads, contact us today to get started.