Why you need to be advertising on Facebook

  • 30 March 2017
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Facebook is a powerful tool. Over 70% of internet users are on Facebook, and these days almost everyone you are trying to target is on the internet. Most businesses have a business page on Facebook, and some have it as their exclusive web presence. But did you know that you can only organically reach a small fraction of Facebook users, even those who already like your page?

Wordstream has a great free tool that will analyze your Facebook page and give you feedback on how you are doing. This is a great place to start and see where you stand, and where you can potentially grow.

By boosting posts through Facebook Advertising, you can dramatically increase the reach for your posts. You spend a lot of time and effort on these posts, so you should make sure that they reach the greatest audience. Picking the right audience for Facebook advertising takes time and effort, but when done correctly it can significantly drive conversions for your goal, whether that be sales, page likes, website visits or video views.

Facebook advertising is relatively inexpensive, with a cost of around $4 per thousand impressions. Would you give someone $4 to get your business in front of a thousand people? I know that I sure would.